TOP 10 List to be happy.

1. Forget the mistakes in your past. The past cannot be changed so use it to make the future yours. 

2. Be however you want to be. Don’t live your life how other people want you to. 

3. Think postive. No matter how bad a situation is, something good will come from it.

4. Remember that everything happens für a reason. 

5. Change. Learn and grow as a person, become the best person you can and want to be. 

6. „Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.“ Care for the small things and the big things will happen has a result. 

7. Build relationships. See the good in people, share your life with them and tell them all of your secrets. 

8. Life your life with purpose. Set out to achieve something and do it. The feeling of accomplishment is empowering. 

9. Take responsibility. Don’t blame your mistakes on otheres. 

10. Smile. A lot.

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  1. Die Liste ist so wahr.. :>
    Dein Blog gefällt mir gut, weiter so:)